Due to increased regulatory costs, a municipal water processing plant in the USA was faced with increasing transportation and tipping fees to dispose of their sludge. Below is a figure of the municipality’s recent wastewater sludge disposal process:

The Viroment filtration system extracts all visible solids (greater than ½ micron) with operational cost less than legacy mechanical processes that provides only fractional solids super concentration.

Viroment’s comprehensive approach delivers a superior solution at a similar or lower operating cost than existing technologies providing for significant cost savings to this municipal water authority.



Below is the carbon footprint for the municipality’s past and present. Viroment landfill in accordance with the municipality’s internal mandate and the land application CO2 would be eliminated showing further CO2 reductions and elimination of the public health risks associated with groundwater and crop contamination.

Viroment proposed an onsite unit to extract the biosolids from the waste water sludge at either the EQ tank or the sludge holding tank. These extracted biosolids, at a significantly reduced volume would be hauled to an off-site disposal site.

Viroment’s proprietary technology creates a closed-loop wastewater processing cycle, producing valuable reuse water and multiuse bio-cake out of municipal and industrial sludge. It radically cuts the cost of sludge handling.