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Viroment’s technology converts a disposal cost into a profit center. Viroment typically does not make its equipment available to the public for sale resulting in an exclusive lock down on the market for our partnerships.

Viroment’s business model is to partner with best-in-class industry leaders for a target market. Viroment validates the technology with the partner and then they approach the addressable market together under a model that improves the environment, easy to use and the end user enjoy a significant savings!

"We build and lease high-tech agricultural facilities to the world's top pork producers on 15-year contracts. Client contracts are triple-net with the lessee paying for all expenses.  We never move dirt until we have a 15-yr lease in hand from a best-in-class global client! Viroment barns are fitted with award-winning manure filtration technology eliminating odors in real-time while creating a high-value dry fertilizer.  We filter the manure in real-time every day!"